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October 4, 2019
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Policies Relating to Contracting with LACERS

Firms/individuals interested in contracting with LACERS must comply with applicable City and LACERS policies. These policies include:

Requirements during the competitive proposal process:

  • Marketing Cessation Policy - This policy prohibits direct marketing to members of the Board or LACERS staff by potential candidates of contract awards during the competitive bid process.
  • Third Party Marketing Compliance Policy – This policy requires disclosure of the identity of third party marketers and/or individuals by whom a firm is referred to LACERS, in order for a firm's investment proposal to remain under consideration. Firms will be required to indicate those third party marketers and/or referring individuals that stand to receive fees or other considerations in the event that a contract with LACERS is eventually secured.
  • City Lobbying Law - Any individual who directly communicates with a City official for the purpose of influencing "municipal legislation" (as defined in the ordinance) and who is compensated to spend 30 or more hours in any consecutive three-month period engaged in lobbying activities must register as a lobbyist with the City Ethics Commission.

Requirements upon contracting with LACERS