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Strategic Plan
Adopted February 12, 2019

To protect and grow our trust fund and to ensure the sustainable delivery of ethical, reliable, and efficient retirement services to our Members
Trusted by our Members and partners for excellence, innovation, professionalism, and transparency
"Securing Your Tomorrows"
Customer Service 1. To provide outstanding customer service
Benefit Delivery 2. To deliver accurate and timely Member benefits
Health & Wellness 3. Improve value and minimize costs of Members' health and wellness benefits
Investment 4. To optimize long-term risk adjusted returns through superior investments
Board Governance 5. To uphold good governance practices which affirm transparency, accountability, and fiduciary duty
Organization 6. To increase organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and resiliency
Workforce 7. To recruit, retain, mentor, empower, and promote a high-performing workforce

LACERS’ New Strategic Plan Annual Report

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Guiding Principles