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Retired Member FAQs

How can I see my account information or my health plan selections?
Your account information, health plan selections, check stubs, and much more is available online at MyLACERS, or you can contact us at (800) 779-8328 or TDD (888) 349-3996.

How can I change my address?
Just call us at (800) 779-8328 or TDD (888) 349-3996 and we can change your address, if you are a Retired Member or beneficiary. You can also mail or fax us a Change of Address Request form.

If I should pass away, what does my spouse/domestic partner receive?
The Survivor Benefits your spouse/domestic partner will be eligible for upon your death vary based on the selections you made at the time of your retirement.  To find out about your particular account, contact LACERS at (800) 779-8328 or TDD (888) 349-3996.

When will the check be mailed?
The checks are sent out at the end of the month.  The exact date will vary based on whether the end of the month falls on a weekend.

Why can't I change the percentage of the Continuance Benefit that I am leaving my spouse?
Continuance elections are made during the retirement process.  Once you have completed your retirement and are a LACERS retiree, your Continuance benefits are already in effect and cannot be changed.  For more information, please see the Summary Plan Description.

Can I get an advance on my retirement paycheck?
No.  You cannot get an advance from your retirement check.

Enrolling in Medicare is complicated what do I need to do?
All LACERS retirees and dependents who are 65 or older and enrolled in LACERS health plans or the Medical Premium Reimbursement Program must enroll in all parts of Medicare for which they are normally eligible.  The Medicare enrollment process can be complicated – for more information, please see the Health Benefits Guide.  If you have additional questions, contact us at (800) 779-8328 or TDD (888) 349-3996.

Why don't you have more health provider options for members who live outside of California? The health plans are designed to provide the greatest amount of coverage for the greatest number of retirees.  Most LACERS Members live in California in retirement, so the majority of LACERS coverage is in California. If you reside permanently outside the U.S., the Anthem Blue Cross Out-of-Country medical plan is available to you.  The Medical Premium Reimbursement Program is another option for you to consider.  For more information, please see the Health Benefits Guide.