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2019 Dental Subsidy/Deduction Calculator

Instructions: Enter retired member's years of service credit, select the coverage, and carrier.

Disclaimer: Dental Subsidy is only provided for the Retired L.A. City Employee. Dependents and Eligible Survivors do not receive a subsidy. Please contact each carrier to confirm that you live in a network service area. In order to receive a health insurance subsidy, a retired city employee must be age 55 with at least 10 years of service credit. An eligible surviving spouse/qualified domestic partner is entitled to a medical insurance subsidy based upon when the deceased member would have been eligible for a subsidy.


Service Credit: years  
Retiree Only
Retiree & 1 Dependent
Retiree & Family*
Dental Carrier:
Delta Dental™ PPO
DeltaCare® USA HMO**

*Family = Two or more dependents
**Must live in zip code service area. Please contact carrier to verify.