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2019 Medical Subsidy/Deduction Calculator

(for Members not Subject to the Maximum Subsidy Freeze)

Before you get started, please answer the questions below:

  1. Did you retire on or after July 1, 2011?

    a. Yes. Please continue to question 2.

    b. No. Please skip question 2 and continue down to the instructions below.

  2. If you retired on or after July 1, 2011, please locate the final pay stub you
    received from your active City employment. Look in the Deductions section for
    an item labeled "Ret Health Defrayal." Was a deduction taken from your
    paycheck under the line item "Ret Health Defrayal" while you were still an active
    employee of the City of Los Angeles?

    a. Yes. Please continue on to the instructions below. This calculator page is for you.

    b. No. Please call LACERS at (800) 779-8328. A LACERS representative will be able to assist you with calculating your 2017 medical plan subsidy and

    c. I can't find my paystub or I have additional questions.
    Please call LACERS at (800) 779-8328. A LACERS representative will
    be able to assist you with calculating your 2017 medical plan subsidy and

Instructions: Enter retired member's years of service credit, select the coverage, carrier, and State if applicable.

Disclaimer: This does not guarantee service areas offerings by medical carriers. Please contact each carrier to confirm that the zip code you reside in can be serviced. In order to receive a health insurance subsidy, a retired city employee must be age 55 with at least 10 years of service credit. An eligible surviving spouse/qualified domestic partner is entitled to a medical insurance subsidy based upon when the deceased member would have been eligible for a subsidy.

Service Credit: years
Retiree Only  
Retiree & 1 Dependent
Retiree & Family  
Surviving Spouse/ Domestic Partner

Kaiser and Anthem Blue Cross HMO are the two HMO plans in California for Members who are under 65 or 65 or older with only Medicare Part B. For a two party or family where one has Medicare Parts A & B and the other does not (known as split couples), and the couple does not wish to enroll in Kaiser HMO, there is the option of LACERS Dual Care HMO. This option "marries" the superior premium rate offered by Anthem Blue Cross HMO with a Medicare HMO Provider - SCAN or UnitedHealthcare. For more details please contact a LACERS Health Counselor. In addition, split couples are eligible to enroll in the Anthem Blue Cross/Medicare Supplement Life & Health Medicare (Supplement) Plan.

Medical Carriers:
All parties over 65 with both Medicare Parts A & B
Anthem PPO/Medicare Supplement
Kaiser Sr. Advantage (CA)**
SCAN (CA) **
UnitedHealthcare    **
UnitedHealthcare (CA)**
All parties under 65 or over 65 with only Medicare Part B
Anthem Blue Cross PPO (U.S.)
Kaiser HMO (CA)**
Anthem Blue Cross HMO (CA)**
Split Couples/Families*
Anthem PPO/Medicare Supplement
Kaiser Sr. Advantage/Kaiser HMO
SCAN (Southern CA)/Anthem Blue Cross HMO(CA only)**
UnitedHealthcare (CA)/Anthem Blue Cross HMO (CA only)**

*Split Couples/Families - These combinations are only available for members in a two-party or family plan where at least one person has Medicare Parts A & B and at least one person does not.

**Must live in zip code service area. Please contact carrier to verify.