Todd Bouey

Executive Officer

Executive Management

Todd Bouey has served as Assistant General Manager since May 2018 and was appointed as the Executive Officer in August 2021, overseeing the Administration, Systems, and Fiscal Management Divisions, along with direct oversight of the Data Office, Active Member Accounts & Member Stewardship, and Systems Operations Support Sections. Since joining the City in 2001, he has served in the Office of the City Administrative Officer, City Controller’s Office, and Office of Finance.

Mr. Bouey has held a number of financial leadership roles in the City, including City Revenue Manager, Financial System Manager, Director of Financial Analysis and Reporting, and Deputy Treasurer.  Mr. Bouey also served as a member of the Mayor’s Budget Team.  Mr. Bouey earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from University of California, Davis, and a master’s degree in Public Administration from University of Southern California.

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