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Become a LACERS Well Champion!
LACERS is seeking Retired Members who would like to become LACERS Well Champions.  As a LACERS Well Champion, you will lead other LACERS Members in a regularly scheduled activity of your choice such as meditation, walking, gardening, cooking, golf, or reading.  Not only is this is a great way to meet other LACERS retirees in your area, but you will be helping LACERS Members stay well.

If you are interested, please visit the LACERS Well web page at www.LACERS.org/lacerswell and complete the LACERS Well Champion application. 

SilverSneakers Is Offered by 3 LACERS Health Plans
SilverSneakers is available to Retired Members enrolled in Anthem Blue Cross, the Senior Care Action Network (SCAN), or UnitedHealthcare (UHC). Read more ...


MyLACERS MyLACERS is a web member service that lets Members view account information 24/7. Active Members can see contributions on account, designated beneficiaries and contact information. Retired Members can view past 1099R statements, current payment statements, designated beneficiaries, current deductions and health deduction information. It's easy, fast and very informative!
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