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2017 Open Enrollment Meeting Registration NEW
Attend an Open Enrollment meeting and learn about changes to LACERS health plans for the 2017 plan year.  You will have an opportunity to talk to your health plan representatives at the meetings.  Also, LACERS staff will be available to answer any health plan questions you might have and assist you with the enrollment process.  Free or validated self-parking is provided at all locations. Read more ...

LACERS Well Hike and Ice Cream Social With Board
Commissioner Ruiz
LACERS Well is pleased to announce our second “Hike with Cynthia” event.  Join LACERS Well and Cynthia Ruiz, LACERS Board Commissioner, on a walk/hike in Griffith Park.  All experience levels are welcome.  In addition, LACERS Well Program Manager, Tara Miller RD/N, will conduct a strength training presentation prior to the walk/hike, and the event will conclude with an ice cream social with a healthy twist. Read more ...

Health Benefit Eligibility Change for Members with Part-Time Employment
IMPORTANT! Retired Members who had worked part-time that did not qualify for health benefits in the past may now be eligible. Recently, the City Council adopted an ordinance that amended language related to LACERS health benefits eligibility.  This ordinance took effect on Sunday, February 21, 2016.  Based on this new ordinance, Members who are at least age 55, had worked part-time, and have at least ten years of Service with the City of Los Angeles (worked for the City for at least ten years) now are eligible to receive medical and dental plan premium subsidies.  The new eligibility criteria for LACERS medical and dental plan premium subsidies are summarized below.  Read more


MyLACERS MyLACERS is a web member service that lets Members view account information 24/7. Active Members can see contributions on account, designated beneficiaries and contact information. Retired Members can view past 1099R statements, current payment statements, designated beneficiaries, current deductions and health deduction information. It's easy, fast and very informative!
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2016 Health Benefits Guide