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Summer 2021

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The mission of the LACERS Well wellness program is to enhance the quality of life and retirement for Members by providing resources and activities that promote optimal health and wellness. The wellness team recently received a thank you card from a LACERS Member and her spouse who live in the Las Vegas area expressing, “We want to sincerely thank you for bringing the Aging Mastery Program (AMP) to us. It was so meaningful and enriched our retirement lives.” AMP is a course developed by the National Council on Aging to help older adults build their own personal playbook for aging well. Participants learn about healthy eating and hydration, fitness, finances, sleep, and other topics.

Ultimately, LACERS wants you to have the most enjoyment out of your retirement and we know that your health can significantly influence how your time and money is spent. The LACERS Well program offers informational workshops and seminars; fun activities with other LACERS retirees, some led by our Champions (retired Member volunteers) that include garden tours, museum visits, hikes, book clubs, and more; and various resources to support your retirement goals. We look forward to returning to in-person events in the near future, but have adapted to the pandemic by offering virtual workshops and social events. This has allowed Members from all over to participate in our events and we will continue to offer virtual options when we resume in-person events so that we can reach even those Members that live outside the United States. If you haven’t participated in our events yet, many of them have been video recorded and are available on our YouTube channel. We encourage you to check out some of the presentations by expert speakers on such topics as managing finances, finding your purpose, technology, protecting yourself from scams, and so much more.

We see your health as a partnership: we provide you with the information and resources you need, and hopefully some motivation, to stay healthy, but we rely on you to take the next steps toward managing your health. LACERS encourages you to get your health screenings, take your prescribed medications, get regular check-ups and take advantage of all of the health support programs offered by your health plan. Your active participation in the wellness program and making preventive care a priority not only helps keep your health on track, but is critical in keeping retiree health costs lower so that we can sustain your LACERS health benefits program long into the future. Your commitment to wellness is a win-win for all.

Visit the LACERS Well Events Page for all the informative webinars and activities offered by LACERS Well and our Champions. Check out the LACERS YouTube channel to view LACERS Well videos and subscribe to receive notifications of newly uploaded videos.

Wishing you all health and happiness,


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