RFPs & Contracting Opportunities

RFPs and Contracting Opportunities

Policies Relating to Contracting with LACERS


Firms/Individuals interested in contracting with LACERS must comply with applicable City and LACERS policies.  These policies include:

Requirements During the Competitive Proposal Process

  • Marketing Cessation Policy – This policy prohibits direct marketing to members of the Board or LACERS staff by potential candidates of contract awards during the competitive bid process.
  • Third-Party Marketing Compliance Policy – This policy requires disclosure of the identity of the third-party marketers and/or individuals by whom a firm is referred to LACERS, in order for a firm’s investment proposal to remain under consideration.  Firms will be required to indicate those third-party marketers and/or referring individuals that stand to receive fees or other considerations in the event that a contract with LACERS is eventually secured.
  • Contractor Disclosure Policy - This new policy would require LACERS Contractors to disclose all potential conflicts of interest issues that may occur after contracts are awarded, and/or during the period of engagement with LACERS.
    Contractor Disclosure Policy Reporting Form (fillable)- this is the official contractor disclosure form to be used by contractors for disclosure requirements purposes (New Disclosure, Bi-annual Disclosure and Annual Disclosure).
  • City Lobby Law – Any individual who directly communicates with a City official for the purpose of influencing “municipal legislation” (as defined in the ordinance) and who is compensated to spend 30 or more hours in any consecutive three-month period engaged in lobbying activities must register as a lobbyist with the City Ethics Commission.

Requirements upon Contracting with LACERS

  • Investment Policies (Investment-related contracts) – All Investment service providers must comply with LACERS General Investment Policies.
  • City Standard Provisions for City Contracts (Non-investment contracts) – The provisions contained within the document are required with every City contract. 

Passive U.S., Non-U.S., and Global Index Strategies Search RFP

Proposal Submittal Deadline: November 9, 2021 4:00 p.m. PT

The Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System (LACERS) administers an investment portfolio with approximately $23 billion in assets.  LACERS is seeking one or more investment managers to manage its current portfolio of passive strategies as well as provide additional passive investment strategy options for possible future investment needs.  LACERS will consider separately managed and commingled fund strategies.  Emerging Managers (as defined by LACERS’ Emerging Investment Manager Policy) are encouraged to participate in this search. 

Passive U.S., Non-U.S., and Global Index Strategies - RFP Search

Exhibit 6 Passive U.S., Non-U.S., and Global Index Strategies Questionnaire

2021 Q-A on Passive Index Strategies RFP

LACERS Multi Passive Data Collection


Real Estate Consultant RFP

Proposal Submittal Deadline: November 8, 2021- 5:00 p.m. PT

The Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System (LACERS) is seeking proposals from qualified organizations to provide full service, non-discretionary real estate consulting services. This Request for Proposal (RFP) details the services sought and instructs interested proposers on the application and selection process.  All firms meeting the minimum qualifications outlined in Section D of this RFP are invited to respond.  LACERS intends to award a five-year full retainer contract to one firm that best meet LACERS’ needs. However, LACERS reserves the rights to contract with additional firm(s) when it deems necessary.

Real Estate Consultant RFP

Real Estate Consultant RFP - Questionnaire

Real Estate Consultant RFP Questions & Answers

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