Executive Management

Neil M. Guglielmo

General Manager

Neil M. Guglielmo was appointed as the General Manager of LACERS by the Board of Administration in January 2018.  In February, his appointment was confirmed by the Los Angeles City Council and the Mayor.  In March, Neil officially started with LACERS. 

Executive Management

Lita Payne

Executive Officer

Lita Payne has served as Assistant General Manager since 2010 and was appointed as the Executive Officer in 2019, overseeing the Health Benefits Administration and Retirement Services Divisions, and Member Communications.  Joining the City in 1988, she has served the Departments of Building and Safety, Water and Power, Public Works, Fire and Police Pensions, and LACERS.

Executive Management

Todd Bouey

Assistant General Manager

Todd Bouey began as Assistant General Manager in May 2018, overseeing the Administrative Services Division. Since joining the City in 2001, he has served in the City Administrator’s Office, City Controller’s Office, and Office of Finance.

Division Management

Rodney June

Division Manager Investment Division

Mr. Rodney June is LACERS’ Chief Investment Officer.  His responsibilities include: managing investment advisory, general partnerships, consultant and custodian relationships, performance evaluation, vendor selection, investment policy, investment strategy development and implementation. Mr. June’s appointment marks his return to LACERS where he previously served as an Investment Officer II from 1998 to 2008.  From 2008 until his return to LACERS, Mr.

Division Management

Karen Freire

Division Manager Retirement Services Division

Ms. Karen Freire is the Chief Benefits Analyst overseeing the Retirement Services Division. The Division provides LACERS’ Members with services relating to Service Retirement, Disability Retirement, Survivor Benefits, Service Purchases, and other related retirement benefits. Prior to becoming Chief Benefits Analyst, she oversaw LACERS’ Strategic Planning and Office Services Section, which provided strategic planning coordination and administrative support to the Department.

Division Management

Alex Rabrenovich

Division Manager; Health Benefits Administration Division

Mr. Alex Rabrenovich is the Health Benefits Administration Division Manager, where he oversees the administration of LACERS health plans, retiree benefits, and Medicare compliance program.

Division Management

Dale Wong Nguyen

Division Manager Administrative Services Division

Ms. Dale Wong Nguyen is the Chief Benefits Analyst overseeing the Administrative Services Division. The functions of the division include strategic planning, business continuity planning, fiscal management, systems, and general administration.

Ms. Wong Nguyen has worked for the system since 2006 in the Executive Office, Administrative Services Division, and Retirement Services Division. Joining the City of Los Angeles workforce in 1996, other assignments have included working for two elected officials and three City departments.

Division Management

Rahoof “Wally” Oyewole

Departmental Audit Manager

Mr. Rahoof “Wally” Oyewole joined LACERS in July 2013 as an internal audit manager. Mr. Oyewole is responsible for the leadership and management of the new Internal Audit Section under the direction of the Board of Administration (Board) and the General Manager.

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