Life Events

Life Events


Need to update your beneficiaries, address, or family status? Review this section to find the information you need.


Marriage/Domestic Partner After Retirement

If you marry or file a domestic partnership after you retire we recommend you take the following actions:

  1. Submit your marriage license/domestic partnership certificate to LACERS.
  2. Review your beneficiaries on file.
  3. Contact LACERS to understand what benefits, if any, your spouse or domestic partner may qualify for.


LACERS is available to answer Member questions regarding a potential dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership.


Report a Death

Contact LACERS upon the death of a person receiving a LACERS monthly retirement allowance, continuance, or survivorship. This person may have been a:

  • Retired City Employee
  • Surviving Spouse of a Retired City Employee
  • Surviving Domestic Partner of a Retired City Employee
  • Any other Dependent receiving a Continuance or Survivorship Benefit

Be prepared to provide the deceased’s full name and Social Security number:


Aging Into Medicare (Age 65)

Retirees should enroll in Medicare three months prior to turning age 65 in order to qualify for a LACERS medical plan premium subsidy and be eligible for coverage in a LACERS-sponsored medical benefit plan. Retired members, eligible surviving spouses/domestic partners, and dependents are required, upon turning age 65, to enroll in Medicare Part B. Medicare Part A is only required if it is at no cost to the member.

Please visit our Medicare webpage for more information.


Direct Deposit

Members who participate in Direct Deposit have their retirement allowance funds deposited with their selected financial institution on the last day of the month.

To have your monthly retirement allowance deposited directly into your bank account by the end of each month, fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization form and return it to LACERS.

We recommend Direct Deposit for the following reasons:


Tax Withholding

If you are receiving a monthly benefit from LACERS you may request that Federal and California state taxes be withheld from your allowance. LACERS does not withhold State taxes for any other state other than California. 

If you wish to make a change to the amount of Federal taxes being withheld from your retirement allowance, please complete the Form W-4 Request for Income Tax Withholding.

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