Board Manual

Board Governance Manual


The Board Manual contains the governing policies of the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System’s Board of Administration.

The Board Manual was last updated June 2022.

Article I – Board Governance Statement

This statement of governance makes clear the statutes, principles, structure, and assignment of duties that prevail in the Board’s successful oversight of the Retirement System.

Governance Principles

1.0 Governance Principles

Governing Statutes

2.1 Los Angeles City Charter Section 1106

2.2 California Constitution Article XVI Section 17

2.3 General Laws

2.4 Standards of Practice

2.5 Key Documents by Reference

Duties and Responsibilities

3.1 The Board's Role

3.2 General Manager

3.3 Commitment of a LACERS Board Member

3.4 Committee Protocol

3.5 Committee Structure

3.6.1 Audit Committee Charter

3.6.2 Internal Audit Charter

3.7 Benefits Administration Committee Charter

3.8 Governance Committee Charter

Board Procedures

4.0 Board Procedures

Article II – Board Administrative Policies

The Board adopts policies to provide clear and consistent direction to Board Members and Staff in the administration of the System.

Guidance for Board Members

1.1 Conflict Governance Policy

1.2 Board Education and Travel Policy

1.3 Board Communications Policy

Contract Administration

2.1 Ethical Contract Compliance Policy

2.2 Third Party Marketer Compliance Policy

Financial, Actuarial, Audit Administration

3.1 Actuarial Funding Policy

Benefits Administration

4.1 Board Rules


5.1 Corporate Governance Actions Response Protocol

5.2 Strategic Planning Policy

Article III – Board Investment Policies

Policies in this Article provide guidance for the oversight and management of the Investment Fund. Please note that policies concerning contract administration also apply to Investment contracts and are found in Article II – Board Administrative Policies.

Board Investment Policies

Investment Policy Statement

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