The Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System (“LACERS”) provides retirement benefits to over 60% of the City of Los Angeles’ civilian workforce, both active and retired. Our fiduciary duty* to our Members ensures we prudently manage the pension fund portfolio to offset payment costs of the pension benefits and retiree health care premiums of our Members.

Service to our Members is first and foremost. We are committed to our mission of establishing trusting and lifelong relationships with all of our Members. We prioritize developing this trust through reliable and efficient delivery of benefits and to ensure our Members are equipped with all of the information and opportunities to live well in retirement.


Glossary of Terms

Active Member

Any Member of LACERS who is an employee of the City of Los Angeles, including employees on leave without pay status. 


Any person or legal entity entitled to receive a benefit provided by LACERS.

City Service

Those periods during which you were a Member of LACERS and 1) received compensation from the City as an employee or 2) received temporary disability Workers’ Compensation benefits, and also paid contributions to the LACERS.


Frequently Asked Questions

Active Employees

The Layoff Process and Retirement Benefits

Concerned about potentially being laid-off? Depending on your years of City Service and Tier Membership, there are different options available regarding your retirement benefits.

Note: Please contact LACERS immediately if you receive a layoff notice to review your options.

1. What happens to my retirement contributions when I am no longer employed by the City?


California Public Records Act (CPRA) Request

  • LACERS Board Agendas, Minutes, and Audio from sessions open to the public can be found here.
  • LACERS’ most recently reported Financial, Actuarial, and Audit Reports can be found here.
  • LACERS’ historical Financial, Actuarial, and Audit Reports can be found here.

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