Member Experience Agreement

Member Experience Agreement


Our Service Philosophy:

  • Members will be treated with professionalism, respect, kindness, and caring
  • Members should have easy, 24-hour online access to services and information. First contact resolution is our goal
  • Every question deserves an answer, and inquiries will be responded to promptly with follow up until completion, utilizing teamwork whenever possible
  • Members will be informed of progress and receive updates regarding the status of their requests
  • LACERS staff will provide Members with clear, accurate and consistent information
  • Member interactions should be simple and streamlined, with LACERS looking for opportunities for further improvement, including small, meaningful changes or “nudges”
  • Automated, self-service and other innovative options will be reviewed and expanded where possible (balanced with the security of Member data) for Member convenience
  • LACERS will collaborate with Members and utilize user-centered design to design and enhance services and programs to ensure that Members needs are met
  • Mistakes happen — LACERS staff will take ownership to communicate with involved parties, quickly resolve issues, and establish processes to avoid future mistakes

Service Level Commitments:

  • LACERS will answer all calls within 10 minutes
  • LACERS will respond to emails within one (1) business day
  • LACERS will respond to voicemails within one (1) business day
  • If a question or request will take longer than one business day to respond to, the responsible staff member will establish regular touchpoints with the Member to assure them that they are continuing to work on their question and/or request
  • LACERS will update voicemail messages on a weekly basis to provide their status (a sample voicemail message is included in LACERS’ Style Guide)
  • LACERS will update out of office messages in Outlook to provide status when out of the office (a sample email message is included in LACERS’ Style Guide)


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