Survivor Health Benefits

Survivor Health Benefits


You may be eligible to enroll in a LACERS health plan if you meet the criteria below.


Eligible Survivors

Eligible Survivors Covered at Time of Death

Eligible Survivors (i.e., surviving spouse or domestic partner) may continue receiving LACERS medical/dental coverage if at the time of the Member’s death, he/she:

  • Was covered as a dependent; and
  • Is eligible to receive a LACERS monthly Continuance or Survivorship allowance; and
  • Has a LACERS Continuance or Survivorship allowance that is enough to pay any monthly medical premium payroll deduction; and
  • Re-enrolls in a medical/dental plan within 60 days of the Member’s death

Eligible Survivors Not Covered at Time of Death

Eligible Survivors that were not covered by a LACERS medical/dental plan at the time of the Member’s death, but will receive a Continuance or Survivorship allowance from LACERS, may enroll in a LACERS medical/dental plan during the annual Open Enrollment period (October 15 – November 15).

Eligible Surviving Spouse/Domestic Partner Subsidy

An Eligible Surviving Spouse/Domestic Partner is entitled to a medical subsidy if, at the time of the Member’s death, the Member was receiving or was eligible to receive a medical subsidy.

If a Member dies prior to receiving a medical subsidy (e.g., while working for the City), their Eligible Surviving Spouse/Domestic Partner would be eligible to receive a medical subsidy on the date when the Member would have become eligible to receive their subsidy.

Eligible Survivor’s subsidy is based on:

  • The Member’s years of City Service (minimum of 10 years)
  • The date the Member would have turned age 55
  • The Eligible Survivor’s (i.e., surviving spouse or domestic partner) eligibility for Medicare

If the Member Retired From July 1, 2011-2018

Eligible Survivors of a LACERS’ Member who retired between July 1, 2011 – 2018 and did not make the additional retirement health defrayal payment, should refer to the Health Benefits Guide Supplement for your subsidy information and deduction charts. You must also contact LACERS for additional information.

Eligible Survivor’s Dependent Coverage

Eligible Survivors are not eligible to receive a medical or dental subsidy toward coverage for their dependents; they must pay the full cost of their dependents’ premiums through deductions from their monthly Continuance or Survivorship allowance.

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