Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles


The following are the principles that LACERS promotes and values as an organization.

Model ProfessionalismBe the best you can be

We demonstrate professionalism by exhibiting qualities of honesty, integrity, accountability, and character. We take pride in producing high-quality work and delivering excellent customer service to our Members while maintaining composure in challenging situations. We are committed to professional growth to better serve the Department and our Members.

Culture and InnovationSeek continuous improvement

We strive to continuously improve our operational process by being open-minded and by encouraging, promoting, implementing, and valuing new ideas and solutions to better serve our Members in the delivery of retirement benefits. We are committed to leveraging technology to efficiently administer and achieve LACERS’ strategic goals.

Respect People and Their PrivacyTreat others as you would like to be treated

We value, appreciate, and recognize everyone’s ideas perspectives, experiences, knowledge, and opinions without judgment. We treat our Members, co-workers, and others with politeness, courtesy, civility, and thoughtfulness. We do not compromise people’s privacy as it is their right.

Use Kindness & Caring Toward Our Members and Each Other in All InteractionsBe nice

We demonstrate kindness and caring by showing empathy, friendliness, helpfulness, and patience toward our Members, co-workers, and others. We respond to our Members and others in a respectful and considerate manner without regard to expecting anything in return.

Everything is Better with TeamworkWork as a team whenever possible

We value and support the growth, development, and contribution, of each employee. We encourage their participation in team efforts whenever possible and collaborate with others for a better result. Doing so will produce the highest quality of service for our Members and stakeholders.

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