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LACERS Well Events

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Register for any of the listed events online through your MyLACERS account here or by calling LACERS. If you need assistance with registration, you may send an email to  

Please note, these events and activities are subject to change based on availability. Check this page periodically or your MyLACERS account under the “Events” tab for the most up-to-date information.

Retiree Event / LACERS Well


Please join us for the Zoom Meeting – CORONAVIRUS & VACCINE UPDATE. This Zoom meeting will feature a physician and expert from one of our healthcare providers, Kaiser Permanente, sharing the science behind transmission and how to best protect yourself, loved ones, and the community. Information will also be shared regarding the vaccine. 

DATE: Monday, February 8
Time: 10:00-11:30am PDT

This webinar will cover:

Facts about COVID-19 and how the virus is transmitted

Retiree Event / LACERS Well

Social Engagement Celebration

Valentine's Day

Join us to celebrate Valentine’s Day with fun, socializing, games and prizes via Zoom on 2/12/21 at 2pm.  Invite your loved one and prepare to be entertained and connected with your LACERS family.  This is a day to celebrate the love we share among one another.  


2:00pm: Log into Zoom Meeting

2:05pm: Welcome and Introduction

2:10pm: Break-out Room – Get to know you; Scavenger Hunt

2:50pm: Prize Awards, Carrier Spotlight, Announcements and Closing Remarks

3:00pm: Exit the Zoom Meeting

Retiree Event / LACERS Well

Kaiser Well-being Webinars

Join us for a well-being webinar series

Give yourself a healthy boost and register for a convenient three-week webinar series hosted by Kaiser Permanente.  Click on the below link to register. 

February 10, 2021- 9am

Managing Stress – Identify sources of stress, its effects on the mind and body, and how constantly activating the “fight or flight” response can lead to burnout and health problems. 

Retiree Event / LACERS Well

Technology Event

LACERS Well in partnership with Mom’s Computer

LACERS Well team along with Mom’s Computer has scheduled a Technology Event for the below dates/times.  This event is expected to fill up quickly. Log on now to your MyLACERS Account here to register for LACERSTech class. 

Potential topics of discussion:

Retiree Event / LACERS Well

50+ Health Assessment

January - April 2021

LACERS is excited to offer a new senior-focused health assessment tool  administered by a third party, Health Improvement Solutions (HIS), that evaluates how you are doing in various areas, such as pain, movement, functionality, and many others that are important for good health. Also, specifically developed for LACERS Members is a section on discovering interests that support purposeful living. The goal of this assessment is to provide you with tools for understanding and possibly improving your health and well-being. 

Retiree Event / LACERS Well


January - December 2021


Our Champions will be hosting fun and engaging book clubs virtually via Zoom starting in the month of January, 2021! In order to participate in this activity, please send an email to with “Book Club” in the subject line. Also, include your genre of interest such as: Romance, Suspense, Mysteries, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, History, or Biography in the body of the email along with two book suggestions.

Retiree Event / LACERS Well

Aging Mastery Program (AMP) via Zoom

Register now! This 5-Week Class has limited spots.

Join the adventure!  LACERS will be running the Aging Mastery Program starting March 30!  Build your own personal playbook for aging well.  This fun, innovative program empowers you to take key steps to improve your well-being, add stability to your life, and strengthen ties to your community.  Meet new friends and provide encouragement to one another as you take the Aging Mastery journey together!

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