News from the General Manager’s Desk

Winter 2024

Photo of LACERS General Manager, Neil Guglielmo

Looking back, I am reminded of how much change LACERS has encountered. Three years of navigating through a global pandemic which upended every aspect of our lives, our families to how we work. There are many vital lessons but one that stands out is the way that LACERS staff showed kindness and patience toward our Members, colleagues, and others. This past year we had many firsts, we moved to a new headquarters at 977 N. Broadway, we returned to assisting Members in person, we have practiced countless hours of testing and training on the City’s new human resources system, and so much more.

As some of you have heard during the LACERS Board meetings, we continue to closely watch the conversation on the Discretionary Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA), Council File #23-0418, for Retired Members and their beneficiaries. The Council File remains open and public comments are being accepted by submitting comments directly using the Office of the City Clerk’s Public Comment Form. Certainly, we continue to monitor both situations in Ukraine and Gaza, recognizing the influence of geopolitical conflicts on the economy, financial markets, and, above all, the human cost.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to the well-being of our Members, employees, and protecting the trust fund. To this end, we are launching a Cognitive Issues Project to assess and provide greater behavioral support and services to our Members as they navigate aging successfully with insights from leading experts. In addition, our staff attended a LAPD Security Training that enhanced their understanding of identifying and adopting proper authentication procedures, securing sensitive areas, and adhering to visitor management procedures for the safety of our employees, Members, and guests.

As we start the new year, I remain grateful for the opportunity to lead LACERS through this transformative time. I am honored to serve with an incredible group of professionals who deliver on our mission of protecting and growing the LACERS trust fund and providing retirement services to our Members in an ethical, dependable, and efficient manner. Thank you for your dedication! I look forward to yet another year of progress.

Wishing you and your loved ones the gift of togetherness, the comfort of cherished moments, and the promise of a bright and prosperous 2024.

Here’s to a happy, healthy next chapter.

With appreciation,


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