Retired Members – Clarification on How to Request a Mask Through Your MyLACERS Account

face masks

In last week’s LACERS Retired Members December update email newsletter, we announced that Members could request to receive up to two free masks through their MyLACERS account.

To streamline the process, LACERS Well has set up an event that you can register for in MyLACERS which allows our staff to quickly and easily gather your information and send your mask! For detailed instructions on how to request your free mask through your MyLACERS account, please click here. 

If you do not have a MyLACERS account, you can email your request for a mask to

If you have already submitted a MyLACERS inquiry, registered for the event in MyLACERS, or emailed a request for a mask, your request will be processed and no further action is needed. Masks are expected to be mailed out beginning the end of January through early February. 

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