The Forms Library will serve as the central hosting and retrieval application for all LACERS forms and documentations. The Forms Library will allow external users to search and filter across a variety of categories with all forms/documentation available for download.


Retirement Application Forms

Before accessing the Managed Service Retirement Application or the Vested Service Retirement Application, please refer to the following retirement application Do’s and Don’ts during the retirement process:

Retirement Application Do’s and Don’ts  
Do’s Don’ts
  • DO sign and date your application
  • DO NOT sign your application electronically
  • DO submit ALL three (3) pages of your Managed Retirement Application
  • DO NOT use any white-out on your application
  • DO initial any cross-outs
  • DO NOT put a past date as your Retirement Effective Date
  • DO make sure your application is submitted within the filing period
  • DO NOT submit your application in a format where it is not legible

Managed Service Retirement Application
APO Managed Service Retirement Application
Vested Service Retirement Application
Questionnaire for New Retirees - All Members
Questionnaire for Vested Retirees - All Members
Member Information Sheet

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