Designate Beneficiaries


Unused Contributions and Accrued Payments

You may designate a beneficiary to receive the portion of your retirement contributions, if any, that remains unused upon the date of your death, and any accrued monthly retirement allowance (your prorated allowance for the month of your death) that is due but that remains unpaid upon the date of your death (unless your eligible spouse/domestic partner survives you, in which case, your accrued allowance is paid to him/her.
Designation of Beneficiary - Unused Contributions and Accrued Allowance

Funeral Expense Allowance

As a retired member, you may also designate a beneficiary to receive a $2,500 funeral expense allowance in the event of your death.
Designation of Beneficiary - Funeral Expense

Community Property

If you are a Former or Separated Spouse (non-member) of a LACERS member with an “in-kind” order, you may designate a beneficiary to receive your community property share in the event of your death, including any accrued allowance.
Designation of Beneficiary - Community Property

No Beneficiary on File

When there is no beneficiary form on file, the benefits are paid by the “Order of Succession”:

  • Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Estate

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