Recognizing LACERS’ Women Commissioners in Honor of International Women’s Day

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In honor of International Women’s Day, LACERS recognizes the important contributions made by our commissioners. These women have provided guidance and leadership over the decades, ensuring the strength of the pension plan and the outstanding delivery of benefits to all LACERS members. They are listed here to serve as an inspiration for others.

LACERS also values and appreciates the hard work and dedication of our staff, including the women who exemplify our guiding principles of professionalism, innovation, respect for others, kindness and caring, and teamwork. LACERS hereby reaffirms our commitment to “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

 Women Commissioners who have served on the LACERS Board (year represents end of term):

1953: Ruth Belt

1960: Dorothy Allen

1961: Dolores Hope

1969: Alice Koumijian

1971: Mildred Younger

1973: Eileen Kenyon

1973: Nellie Orosco

1975: Betty Reddin

1975: Ann Reiss Lane

1975: Rosemary Holloman

1975: Anne Sullivan Reher

1978: Susan Heinz

1987: Esther Torres

1992: Olga Marcus

1994: Denise Lamaute

1998: Gertrude Donlin

2000: Beverly Thomas

2001: Beverly Ryder

2005: Vicky Schiff

2009: Shelly Smith

2011: Roberta Conroy

2014: Ruth Galanter

2015: Elma Wilson-Duke

2018: Jaime Lee

2019: Elizabeth Greenwood

Current: Cynthia Ruiz

Current: Annie Chao

Current: Sandra Lee

Current: Elizabeth Lee

Current: Nilza Serrano

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