Retirement Application Forms


Before accessing the Managed Service Retirement Application or the Vested Service Retirement Application, please refer to the following retirement application Do’s and Don’ts during the retirement process:

Retirement Application Do’s and Don’ts  
Do’s Don’ts
  • DO sign and date your application
  • DO NOT sign your application electronically
  • DO submit ALL three (3) pages of your Managed Retirement Application
  • DO NOT use any white-out on your application
  • DO initial any cross-outs
  • DO NOT put a past date as your Retirement Effective Date
  • DO make sure your application is submitted within the filing period
  • DO NOT submit your application in a format where it is not legible

Managed Service Retirement Application
APO Managed Service Retirement Application
Vested Service Retirement Application
Questionnaire for New Retirees - All Members
Questionnaire for Vested Retirees - All Members
Member Information Sheet

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