Tabletop Exercise Consulting Services RFQ

Proposal Submittal Deadline: May 24, 2024 at 3:00 p.m. PST


LACERS seeks to pre-qualify one or more firms to provide tabletop exercise consulting services under a 3-year agreement. Selected firms will be included on a short list, or “bench,” of pre-qualified consultants. On an as-needed basis, LACERS will identify tabletop exercise scenarios and prepare respective scopes of work. Bids will be requested from firms selected at LACERS’ discretion. The firm with the best fit for the specified scenario will be selected, resulting in a contract to perform the described services.

Tabletop Exercise Consulting Services RFQ

Tabletop Exercise Consulting Services RFQ - Addendum No. 1 *NEW*

Tabletop Exercise Consulting Services RFQ - Questions & Answers *NEW*

Appendices and Attachments

Appendix A - General Conditions and Compliance Documents

Attachment 1 - Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure of Member Information

Attachment 2 - Request for Proposal Warranty/Affidavit

Attachment 3 - LACERS' Ethical Contract Compliance Policy

Attachment 4 - Proposer Disclosure Form

Attachment 5 - Bidder CEC Form 50

Attachment 6 - Bidder CEC Form 55

Attachment 7 - Sexual Harassment Policy Disclosure Form

Appendix B - Standard Provisions for City Contracts

SEI Form 700 Filers (2024)

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