Transferring or Promoting to DWP


Reciprocity Suspended 

Reciprocity between the City of Los Angeles and the Department of Water and Power (DWP) was an agreement which allowed Members to move from either agency within a specific time frame allowing portability of some retirement benefits.

On December 10, 2013, the City of Los Angeles adopted an ordinance suspending reciprocity, effective January 1, 2014, between the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System (LACERS) and the Water and Power Employees Retirement Plan (WPERP). 

Your Tier status at LACERS will determine how your retirement benefits will be treated when you transfer to DWP.  Contact us to explore how your retirement benefits may be impacted if you transfer or promote to DWP. Contact DWP for more information regarding their benefits.

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Tier Eligibility

Tier 1 Members: Primarily members hired prior to February 21, 2016

Tier 1 Enhanced Airport Peace Officers Members (Closed Tier): Members who are Airport Peace Officers as defined in section 4.1001(a) of the Administrative Code and completed the election process to remain with LACERS by January 8, 2019.

Tier 3 Members: Primarily members hired on or after February 21, 2016

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