Women’s History Month: The Women Who Power LACERS

Women's History Month - card background

Watch Our Video Celebrating Women’s History Month 

As we mark Women’s History Month this March, let us take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the invaluable contributions of the Women that power LACERS and beyond.

From pioneering women who have shattered glass ceilings to the unsung heroes who drive progress every day, women have played a crucial role in shaping our success at LACERS and the world at large. Let us take the time to honor the achievements, resilience, and dedication of not only the women who power LACERS but those in your midst. Whether through mentorship, collaboration, or simply expressing gratitude, let’s actively support and uplift each other as we continue to strive for equality and inclusivity at LACERS.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and for the allies working for a better today and tomorrow. To celebrate the incredible impact of The Women Who Power LACERS, we invite you to watch our  Women’s History Month video. Happy viewing! 


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