Membership Eligibility



Permanent full-time employees of the City of Los Angeles, including those who work a 72-hour work week, are eligible for membership with LACERS.


Part-time employees who are certified by their department to LACERS become eligible for membership upon receipt of their department certification.

Airport Peace Officers (Closed Tier)

*Airport Peace Officer Members, Airport Peace Officer Former Members, and Airport Peace Officer Retired Members, as defined by Los Angeles Administrative Code Section 4.1001(a), who have timely paid the requisite one-time lump sum contribution payment to LACERS by January 8, 2019, are eligible for membership.

*If the lump sum contribution payment was not paid, these members will remain part of Tier 1 and not be entitled to Tier 1 Enhanced benefits.

Deferred Vested Members Full-Time

LACERS members who terminate City service with five or more years of continuous service and leave their contributions on deposit.

Deferred Vested Members Part-Time

LACERS members who terminate City service and leave their contributions on deposit.

Non-Vested Members including Reciprocity

Non-vested members should contact LACERS directly.

Reciprocity is an agreement among certain public retirement systems in California that allows members to move from one public employer to another. To be eligible, members must transfer within six months of leaving one agency to another participating agency. This agreement provides some flexibility in transferring retirement benefits.

When you retire, you will receive a retirement benefit based on your years of service and a benefit formula from each reciprocal agency.

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