Membership, Tier and Retirement Eligibility

Membership, Tier and Retirement Eligibility

Knowing more about your membership, tier status, and retirement eligibility can help you better prepare for your retirement. Learn more by reviewing this section. 



Membership Eligibility


Permanent full-time employees of the City of Los Angeles, including those who work a 72-hour work week, are eligible for membership with LACERS.


Tier Eligibility

Tier 1 Members: Primarily members hired prior to February 21, 2016

Tier 1 Enhanced Airport Peace Officers Members (Closed Tier): Members who are Airport Peace Officers as defined in section 4.1001(a) of the Administrative Code and completed the election process to remain with LACERS by January 8, 2019.

Tier 3 Members: Primarily members hired on or after February 21, 2016


Retirement Benefit Eligibility

 After completing five (5) years of continuous City service, members become vested and eligible to receive retirement benefits. However, to retire you must also meet the criteria found in the tables below.

Part-time employees should contact LACERS for retirement benefit eligibility information which is not included here.

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