Designating Beneficiaries

Designating Beneficiaries – Active Members


As a member, you may designate a beneficiary who will be entitled to receive certain benefits that may be payable upon your death. You can designate any person or legal entity (such as a living trust) as a beneficiary and you may change your beneficiary at any time.

Your selection of a beneficiary is very important because it affects whether your spouse/domestic partner can qualify for a lifetime monthly Survivorship benefit upon your death. For your spouse/domestic partner to be eligible for a lifetime benefit, one of the following must apply:

  • Your spouse/domestic partner must be designated as your sole primary beneficiary, or 
  • There are no beneficiaries designated with LACERS and you are survived by either your spouse/domestic partner (LACERS-registered or State-Registered).

If you do not designate a beneficiary, your contributions will be paid based on the Order of Succession; spouse or LACERS- registered or State-registered domestic partner, children, parents, or estate as stated in the Los Angeles Administrative Code and/or the Probate Code.

Updating Your Beneficiaries with LACERS

Important Note - You must submit a beneficiary form to LACERS to ensure that your benefits are paid to the individuals you intend in the order in which you designate. Submitting a beneficiary form to Personnel’s  Employee Benefits is not sufficient to cover your benefits here with LACERS. LACERS and the Personnel’s Employee Benefits section are two distinct entities with separate benefit offerings and a beneficiary form must be on file with each entity.  

Designation of Beneficiary for Active Members

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