Domestic Partnerships & Divorce

Domestic Partnerships & Divorce


To establish a domestic partnership with LACERS, you must file a Declaration of Domestic Partnership or register your domestic partnership with the State of California. The Declaration of Domestic Partnership or State-registered domestic partnership must be filed at least 12 months prior to retirement in order for your domestic partner to be eligible for a Continuance benefit.

Filing a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with Personnel Department, Employee Benefits section is not sufficient to cover the administration of benefits with LACERS.


A Few Considerations

Dissolution of Marriage or Domestic Partnership

If you and your spouse/domestic partner decide to legally dissolve your marriage or partnership, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind:

  • Pension – Community Property laws may lead to the courts dividing your pension benefit.
  • Continuance Benefit – The Continuance benefit for an eligible surviving spouse or domestic partner will be eliminated if there is a divorce in retirement.
  • Beneficiaries – You may wish to remove former spouses/domestic partners as beneficiaries of your retirement benefits and re-assign different individuals.
  • Health Plan Coverage – Retiree’s former spouses/domestic partners are not eligible for LACERS health plans and their coverage will be terminated. If LACERS is not notified, and a former spouse/domestic partner utilizes health benefits, the member will be charged accordingly.

Remember, whenever you experience a family status change, please contact LACERS so we can assist you and keep your records up to date.

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