Submit Your Required Documents

Submit Your Required Documents

Submit Your Required Documents

 It’s never too early to begin gathering and submitting your required retirement documents. The following table outlines the documents you will be asked to submit through the Retirement Application Portal (RAP) in order to retire:

State/Federal photo I.D. X X
Birth Certificate
Alternate documents to establish birth date:
Naturalization Papers, Passport, Passport Card, Military Form DD214, Residency Card; OR
Need Two (2) of the following:

Social Security Statement; Baptismal Document; Affidavit from mother, father, family members, friends (notarized); Your children’s birth certificates (must list age or birthdate); School records – must list age of date of birth; Marriage license (must list age or date of birth)
Marriage License /Domestic Partner Certificate X  
Dissolution of Marriage/Domestic Partner X  
Medicare Care (65 and older) X X

If any of your required documents are issued in a foreign country, the documents must be translated into English by a certified translation service from one of the following agencies:

  • US Federal Government Office
  • US Federal Court Certified Interpreters
  • Judicial Council
  • State Certified Translators
  • Certification from the originating consulate office
  • American Translators Association (ATA)
  • One of the City Clerk’s State-Certified interpreters or translators:
    • Continental Interpreting Services, (800) 201-7121
    • Languages 4 You, (818) 550-9299

Failure to provide the required documents may delay your retirement process.

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