Layout Options

Layout Options

within standard templates


When you’re using a standard template such as “1 column w/ pods right,” you’ll have the option to set various layout options. 

Overview accordions

To set accordions in Overviews, open the “Teaser and overview styles” in the display settings of the post. Set accordions for either H3s or H4s and choose their behavior.


By default, posts will be sorted by post date (most recent on top). You can always sort posts manually by turning on Show Content Zones in the bottom right of the screen, hovering over the post zone, and clicking “reorder.” Or you can set your sorting preference in Template & Layout Options below.


This term is set to display tabs by title. You can also set tabs to display by post type, subtitle, related profile, date (year), and date (month, year). Tabs are a great way to condense content so that a site visitor isn’t overwhelmed.

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