Health Plan Enrollment

Health Plan Enrollment


Your LACERS Health Plan coverage is separate from your Active Employee Benefits coverage, and you will need to transition to LACERS Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage during the retirement process. 


VIDEO – Enrolling in LACERS Retiree Health Benefits

LACERS has prepared a video for new retirees to provide them information regarding their health plan options, subsidies, and detailing the enrollment process.  This video provides examples of the forms and documentation required to enroll in each of the LACERS medical and dental plans.  To view the video, click on the link here.

Plan Selection

During your retirement counseling session, you will make your LACERS Medical and Dental plan selections; however, you will have up to 60 days from your retirement effective date to make your selections. Your LACERS coverage will begin the first of the month following your retirement effective date; however, if your retirement date is the first of the month, your LACERS coverage will begin that same day.

Qualifying Events

Generally, you may enroll in, or change your LACERS-sponsored medical/vision and dental plan coverage or your participation in the Medical Premium Reimbursement Program (MPRP) within the specified amount of days from the following Qualifying Events:


  • Members who move in or out of a LACERS HMO plan zip code service area are able to change Medical or Dental plans.  You will have 30 days to change plans from the date of your address change with LACERS.

Access the Change of Address Request form here.

Age Milestones

  • Members who turn 55 will have 60 days to enroll or change their Health plans.
  • Members who turn 65 and enroll in Medicare have 90 days to enroll or change their Health plans.

Family Status Change

  • Members who have a family status change; marriage, domestic partnership, birth, or adoption; have 30 days to enroll or 

Loss of Coverage

  • Members have 30 days to enroll into a LACERS Health plan if their coverage under a non-LACERS plan was involuntarily canceled. LACERS will require proof of termination.

Forms for Enrollment

Forms to Submit for Enrollment

To learn more about and access the forms that are necessary to submit for enrollment, click here.

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